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October 1, 2006

It's been quite a while since the page has been updated, so an apology is in order. A lot has been brewing, so you are due a quick summary. First off, Dan has split New York for Montreal. Asim is remaining in NY, so now the Hungry Eye's duties are being split between New York City and Montreal. Much as we think of ourselves a NY label, the lion's share of our bands are from San Francisco, so this won't change much with regard to the label's functioning, except that hopefully this will make our records easier to find in Montreal.

Saros: the information posted in the last update about Tim leaving Saros is erroneous; he decided to stay with the band. He is still moonlighting in the equally impressive White Owl ( who have started playing more shows. Saros' debut has started getting press so be sure to look out for it in print. Five Pointed Tongue should now be available in all local stores in the Bay Area, so make sure to check out Aquarius, Rasputin, Amoeba, Streetlight and all the other usual suspects. In addition, Saros is about to take their show on the road at the end of September/ beginning of October. Look at the gigs section of the website for more info.

Bellmer Dolls: Peter (guitars) is about to make a quick jaunt to Europe for an appearance with Alice Texas ( Look at Alice Texas's myspace page for details. Other than that, the Bellmer Dolls have been keeping busy writing new material for their highly anticipated debut album, which will likely exceed all our expectations. They will be playing some NYC dates around the end of October; if anyone witnessed their last show at NYC's the Annex you'll agree they are not to be missed! Our friends in the UK will likely be hearing more about these cats as former Mute Records PR mogul Sarah Lowe has signed on as the band's publicist for the UK, in time for the November European release date of the Big Cats Will Throw Themelves Over from Cargo Distribution in mid-November. The Bellmer Dolls are making their way over to London for some dates at the end of November. Dates will be posted at they become available. Last but not least, the Bellmer Dolls were nominated as NY rag the Deli Magazine's band of the month. Should they win, they will be feature in said magazine as the band of the month for October and you'll be treated with a photospread, which you KNOW they will take full advantage of. Do not let this opportunity pass, and go and vote for the Bellmer Dolls at

A bunch of new records are in the works from Hungry Eye-- the CD collection of rare/ out of print material by the Holy Kiss (who were just featured in episode 103 of, the long-awaited and staggering Sixteens record Into the Gold Wave... and the sophomore effort by cult favorites Black Ice entitled Myopia are all being pressed up as we speak. Release dates will be put up once we have the ETA from the pressing plant.

saros photo by brandi valenza

July 20, 2006

Saros: Five Pointed Tongue has officially been released, and the band is playing their record release show tomorrow at Bottom of the Hill. Should be a big blowout, so make sure to go if you are so inclined. Already, the release has been praised in the pages of the SF Bay Guardian and more kind words are expected in weeks to come. Bass player Tim has decided not to depart from the band, so he will playing in both Whiteowl and Saros now, which is an impressive roster, to be sure. We are happy that Saros will be keeping it in the family, so to speak, and will taking their show on the road sometime in September with some shows in SoCal and in the Pacific Northwest.

The Bellmer Dolls returned home from tour safely and played some incredible shows along the west coast. The EP should be in most of the shops now, but if you look for it in your favorite shop and they don't have it, be sure to inform us (dan[at] so we can take care of it. We hope to include a list of our regular stockists on the website soon. In other news, the band just played a stellar gig at the Annex on Orchard Street in NY last week replete with sweat and flailing bodies. The vinyl just version of the EP just made it out and looks fantastic. The Angelika Miodek painting looks amazing on the record cover. It will be limited to 600 copies, so get one while you can. And, speaking of NY, you should be able to pick up the record at CakeShop, Etherea, Kim's on St Mark's Place, and Other Music. Look to the listening station in Etherea or in Kim's should you need some last minute convincing before your purchase.

These aforementioned stores have started to stock some of our other releases as well: I believe CakeShop & Kim's have the new Weegs material, Etherea's got the Sixteens record, and OtherMusic has the Black Ice CD. Pick 'em up to make our local stores happy with us.

More news to come on Sixteens, the Holy Kiss, and rest of the HE stable.

June 11, 2006

The Bellmer Dolls EP The Big Cats Will Throw Themselves Over has been released on June 6th and will be available from stores (and our webstore) shortly. The release was rushed through the pipeline to coincide with the West Coast tour the band is embarking on at the end of June with Dim Mak's Lion Fever and Grand Elegance. Tour dates are being posted in the tour section of our website. In addition, the Bellmer Dolls are playing a few extra shows; June 14th at Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY as a Todd P sponsored send-off show with Woman, and on June 16th at the always great Shutter Party at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco with Bay Area favorites and compatriots to many Hungry Eye bands, Death of a Party. This show will serve as a west coast release party of sorts. June 17th will see the band make an appearance at the Drinks With Tony show on Pirate Cat Radio on 87.9fm at 6pm PST, hopefully alongside their labelmates the Holy Kiss. KFJC (89.7fm), who were kind enough to do a special on Hungry Eye earlier in the month of May, have arranged an on-the-air performance with the Bellmer Dolls and tour-mates Lion Fever on the afternoon of July 2nd, which we hope to keep you posted on. We're trying to keep these cats busy until they return to plan some future tour dates (East Coast? UK? Europe?) and start working on their upcoming full length.

bellmer dolls tour posterSaros' long awaited, debut full length "The Five Pointed Tongue" will drop on July 14th, in time for a headlining record release show at the Bottom of the Hill on July 22nd with Stolen Babies, Giant Squid, and the debut of Leila of Saros' side project with Kris Force of Amber Asylum called Frozen in Amber. The band is planning a tour of the east coast, which will consist of jaunts to the Northwest and Southwest and will probably take place in August. In other Saros news, long time bass-player Tim will be leaving Saros to concentrate on other musical projects, most notably the incredible new SF band White Owl. He will play with the band through August, but the band seems to be actively looking for a suitable replacement in the meantime.

The Weegs are recovering from their Euro-tour and came back to a rave review courtesy of the SF Weekly. Due to the demise of their practice space, the Weegs are taking a break now, but will play the odd show over the next couple of months.

Production on the Holy Kiss and Sixteens releases have been completed we should have a release date set on those in the coming weeks. The DVD portion of the Missing Foundation release is being authored now and marks another milestone in progress toward the completion of this project. The Antiquark artwork for CD is being designed now; the band is contemplating a fall 2006 tour, and we hope to have the release ready by then. Work on the Vanishing remix EP has re-commenced now that Jessie's new band with Malaria's Bettina Koester, Autonervous, released their debut album on Cochon Records. In related news, Services, the Hungry Eye-recommended NY band whose member Trztn remixed "Idle Eyes" for said Vanishing record, just returned from a slew of European dates with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Lastly, if you are reading this, you surely have access to internet, so I would recommend tuning to the always worthwhile Modern Products radio show on East Village Radio; Tuesdays at noon, EST. Consistently great playlists, and they've spun Hungry Eye release before anyone knew who the hell we were. If you miss the show, you can always stream the most recent show later. Check the EVR website for more information and for their other great shows.

June 1, 2006:


The Big Cats Will Throw Themselves Over EP.

Location: Tuesday, June 6th at Galapagos, 70 North 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

This event not only marks the much-lamented Visions of The Apocalypse Reunion (an excellent goth/industrial nostalgia dance party for the uninitiated), but will also serve as THE OFFICIAL BELLMER DOLLS EP release party. The Bellmer's won't be sharing the stage--so, you can expect a devastating live set.

Special Guest DJ: Under warning of rumor, its Carlos D. from INTERPOL.


Our favorite prog-thrash doomsters Saros will perform at the art opening at OnSix/ Club Six. There will be a solo Art Show by Derrick Snodgrass and an accompanying group art show by many more. Saros' Tim and Blood Eagle will DJ afterwards in alongside DJ Tiny Baby Cims of Gun Club and Bertie P of the Paradise Boys.

More info here:
ONSIX GALLERY; 60 6th Street; San Francisco, CA; 21+ with ID; free before 9pm, $5

Sixteens will be performing live on Guy Montag's KFJC special dedicated to Hungry Eye, this Saturday, May 13th from 7 to 10pm on 89.7FM. They should be playing a host of new songs, so if you want to get a sneak peak at what their upcoming LP will sound like, listen in. Those of you not in the Bay Area can listen online.

May 2006: A big month for Hungry Eye:

April saw a big send off to the Weegs on their European tour. We met up with them in Berlin for a show at the appropriately named Golden Gate set up by Oliver of Dorfdisco with Oliver appearing as DJ alongside Hungry Eye's Dan and DJ Snakefinger. They're about halfway through the tour by now and ploughed through Muenster, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and a monster of a show in Warsaw. They'll likely be in Italy when you read this. The Million Sounds of Black has started picking up press acclaim already and will drop on May 19th in the US.

The Bellmer Dolls appeared in Paper Magazine's April 2006 issue as one of the “NY's Most Beautiful.” Pretensions of the title aside, it was quite an esteemed award, as they appeared alongside some of the city's fast up and comers in art, film, literature, and fashion. The Bellmer Dolls had the honor of being one of the few musicians in the bunch. Their debut EP on Hungry Eye is on the fast track through the pipeline and will drop on 6/6/06 in the US with a later release date for the UK, Europe and elsewhere. The reason for the rush is that the Bellmer Dolls will be touring the West Coast with Lion Fever and Grand Elegance starting in mid-June in a tour that has come to be dubbed Baccanalia Animalia. Noise Problem has been booking the shows and dates will be posted as they become available.

Saros' debut Five Pointed Tongue has been sent off to the manufacturers. We'll announce a release date for it soon. There's been talk of a special show to celebrate the release of the record in early summer and perhaps a possible tour in August.

Other important Hungry Eye news: Cargo Distribution has picked up Hungry Eye for distribution in the UK, and will handle distribution in Spain, France, and Italy as well. Hopefully this will make Hungry Eye releases easier to find for our European friends. KFJC in California (89.7 FM)'s DJ Guy Montag is hosting a special show on Saturday, May 13th from 7 to 10pm. They interviewed some Hungry Eye folk, and will be playing a good deal of tracks from the label's history and some unreleased and upcoming material. Possibly a live guest! Look to for more info.

Sixteens, Holy Kiss, and AntiQuark pages have all been updated and news of those great upcoming releases should be coming shortly!

For Immediate Release:
January 21, 2006:

Bay Area based record & production company Mobilization enlisted the help of Hungry Eye to add the Sixteens to their Destroy5 tour. The Sixteens will be joining Einstuerzende Neubauten founder Blixa Bargeld, ex- Swans singer and performance artist Jarboe, and industrial-pyros F-Space (ex-Savage Republic and Chrome) on a week long west coast (US) tour. Bargeld is giving rare performances of a current experimental project involving sound and voice. These shows will be the first and only such performances in North America.

Sixteens are back in the United States after residencies in Berlin and Madrid in order to finish up their upcoming record �Into the Gold Wave of Future Non-Ripoff� with Skot B (Black Ice/ Phantom Limbs) at the helm. The record is due out in Spring of 2006, and Sixteens will return for an extended tour/ stay in Europe following the solidification of a release date. �

Dates on Tours page

June 6 2005

Black Ice: There are a number of Black Ice record release parties going on in June and July in conjunction with the release of the bands' debut album Terrible Birds. Dragging yourself to one of these will give you the chance to listen to a bunch of cuts from the album, and possibly get a chance to get your hands on some other Hungry Eye stuff.

The first of such release parties is at the Black Veil Wake, and will take place on Friday, June 17th at Escobar, Queens St, Wakefield, W. Yorks 8.30 pm to 2.00am £4.50 will feature live music Deviant UK.

The second comes courtesy of the Ghost Dance party and will be on June 18th Club Omega in Erlangen Germany (Michale Vogel Straße 1g, 91052 Erlangen). For more information, check out the Ghost Dance website at

More info to come on the other parties. We've got some coming in London, Berlin, and elsewhere!

The Sixteens have made the move to Europe and are about to begin their tour,
after which they will reside in Spain somewhere.
Here is the most current tour itinerary:

More dates to come in: Madrid, Lisbon, Caceres, Galicia, Barcelona, TBC=, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Cordoba, La Roca del Valles/Snt. Feliu

Mika Miko: We'll be posting the dates for their US tour in the next week or so.

May 19, 2005
Greetings: Again, Hungry Eye goes for many moons without an update, but this is not for lack of news. There were a bunch of extenuating circumstances to this delay, but we hope to be in a position now where we can disseminate information via the web more quickly. Thanks and apologies to all who stopped by to look in vain for any updates. We hope to update the news and webstore first, then to get to updating the much needed band pages. In the meantime, Hungry Eye Records has also caved and joined myspace, so check us out there as well.

Hungry Eye is happy to announce that it will have two releases coming out in late May: the 12" version of the last Phantom Limbs EP, "Random Hymns", and the debut Black Ice album called "Terrible Birds". They are both available for pre-order right now from the web store. Order now and you'll get your record hot off the presses!

In honor of these two releases, Hungry Eye had another party in San Francisco on April 30th. Quite the fun little fete, it happened at the Li-Po Lounge in Chinatown and had Black Ice, the Weegs, and Sixteens, with additional music provided by DJ Josh-a-mortis. Thanks particularly goes out to the bands, who were instrumental in setting it up. A good, drunken time was had by all, and shame on those who weren't there. This would precisely be the kind of thing one should be able to find out about from the Hungry Eye website, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, you are hearing about it after the fact.
Black Ice: The long-awaited follow up to their Eve E 10" EP is due out by the end of the month. The band continues to play all throughout California, and there is talk of touring, but for now that bit of hearsay will have to satisfy all of us not living on the gold coast. The debut CD, Terrible Birds, is quite the achievement and might be able to comfort those mourning the loss of the Phantom Limbs as Stevenson and Skot B are both in Black Ice. A number of record release parties will be going on around the globe in June and July, which you should be able to find out about here. There will be a Black Ice page on the Hungry Eye site momentarily.

Phantom Limbs: Yes, the Limbs are unfortunately no more. Or, at least, they reside in that liminal space between "broken up" and "on hiatus." However, their last record before their departure, "Random Hymns," will be available from Hungry Eye in 12" vinyl format on limited white vinyl (the CD version was just released by GSL Records). Black vinyl would have given one the impression of a funeral, and of course, we wanted to keep you cheery. Singer Loto Ball now resides in Chicago, and is working on a number of musical and artistic endeavors which you will hear about soon. In the meantime, go to our web store and purchase this record.

Mika Miko
: The EP is almost done and will be available for pre-order soon. Word is it will be awesome. Those of you who are still in doubt can go convince yourselves when Mika Miko comes to lay waste to your town (but in a good way). They will be on a full US tour all of July and part of August. Dates and details to come.

Missing Foundation
: It's almost done! The Cult of Rage footage is almost edited (remember, we promised you commentary by MF singer Pete) by the talented Mr Ray Parada at Mad Parade video. We know a lot of people have been waiting for this release; it will be worth it! It will compile MF related media you'd really have to dig far if you'd be lucky enough to find it! Pete will soon return to Berlin after a year long stay in New York.

: Sixteens have a lot going on themselves. Aside from recording being busy recording a new record, they are touring Europe this summer. After this summer tour, for which dates are still solidifying and will take them through Spain, Italy, Germany, and Holland, Sixteens will be relocating to Spain. All of you in Europe will then have the luck of seeing Sixteens perform on a regular basis.

: Skronk-pranksters the Weegs are in the midst finishing up their second album and the basic tracks by themselves already sound sick! The Weegs are gearing up for a tour for fall 2005 themselves in support of this album-- but the folks in America must wait. Much like the Sixteens, the Weegs are opting to skip the US entirely and go on a three week jaunt to Europe. MAYBE they can pull of a few New York dates. We'll see.

: They're just finishing up a few quite Bay Area dates; word is these will be their last. The remix record is in the process of materializing. It seems like we'll have remixes from Mr. Andersonic (New York), Services (NY as well--- their debut LP drops in June), Tara De Long, Namosh, and perhaps a few more kind folks.

November 13, 2004
Lots going on with all things Hungry Eye. First off, a web store with a shopping cart will be up shortly, so you can buy all your Hungry Eye wares directly from us over the convenient internet, should you so desire.

Sixteens: The Fendi EP is now out in both formats, CD EP and 12" EP. It is worth mentioning that the 12" looks great, and will be limited to 600 copies, so be sure to pick one up when you can snag it. They'll probably go quick, as the response has been phenomenal so far. Mick Mercer has said, "The synths crackle and rally in some exciting surges, while other noises and mental overlays are designed to keep things awkward... definitely check them out," which Sentimentalist magazine gave their "modern twisted disco, art rock, electro-weird" an enthusiastic thumbs up. A slew of stores and mailorders should have it (try,, or for all you Americans, which ever you prefer). The UK release date has been set by Shellshock distribution for mid December, and we're still talking to some mainland European folks about who will carry it over there. In the meantime, X-Mist does carry it ( for all of you who can't wait!

Weegs: The Weegs CD is also out, available from the same folks as above. It's also been getting some great responses, and the reviews are still forthcoming. It's been getting some nice airplay on the west coast. Apparently, it's getting spun at the mighty KALX in Berkeley, CA as well as KDVR in Davis and a healthy smattering of others in California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Nevada. Make sure you call your local station and request this stuff if you live out there and want to hear it! They've all got the Sixteens disk as well. Their new homepage on Hungry Eye is here.

Mika Miko: Just finishing up a nice sized West Coast tour with their friends, Wives, who recently made their way out here to NYC as well. Just before leaving, those kids got a nice full page spread in the most recent issue of the Fader! They should begin recording for their EP on Hungry Eye soon after they come back from tour. That should be an exciting record! Expect a spring release date on that one. Their page on the Hungry Eye site should be up soon, with photos and sample mp3s from their demo and their recent excellent 7" on Post Present Medium, Dean from Wives' label.

Missing Foundation: We've got everything for it! We were even able to track down some good quality footage courtesy of former percussionist Chris Egan. Yes, it was a long wait for this record, but it will be worth it. It's being put together as we speak, and includes some great liner notes by legendary producer Jim Waters, and Lower East Side graphic artist Seth Tobocman of World War Three comics fame. Without going into details, it was the Cult of Rage footage that snagged us for a while. Damn CBS News!

The Vanishing: Seems Jesse and Brian settled into Berlin well, and have begun playing shows again. Their second full length, Still Lifes Are Failing, was just released by GSL stateside and Fatal Recordings in Europe and Asia. Those of you who've seen them recently are probably already convinced that this record will be great! As for Hungry Eye, we're currently working on a remix record (can't quite tell if it will be an EP or LP yet) slated for release in late winter/ early spring. In the meantime, their page will be soon updated with some new videos of theirs!

The Witnesses: Fellow New Yorkers just released their debut full length, Tunnel Vision, on Howler Records. October and November sees the Witnesses touring all over the states with their good friends and label-mates Bad Wizard (check for dates and details). The response has been great for them so far, and it looks like these fellas and lady will be going far. You're in luck; we still have copies of their limited 12" EP "We're Taking Over" available which you'll be able to get in our web store. You'll be able to convince your friends you knew them before they were big!

[9/17/04] So much to communicate, where to begin... Hungry Eye party: For all of you fine folks in the Bay Area, Hungry Eye is having a show in San Francisco, thanks to the labor of one Greg Weeg. The Weegs, Sixteens, the Phantom Limbs, and the Vanishing are all playing; the Vanishing will be playing their last show as SF residents before they move to Berlin in August. Pete Missing of Missing Foundation, is rumored to be having a performance of some sort. This takes place at the Edinburgh Castle at 950 Geary in San Francisco, CA. Sixteens: The Fendi EP is finally out. That is, the CD version. The band apparently cursed the masters with bad vibes so that every possible delay that could hinder the proper release of the record would happen, but the determined folks at Hungry Eye still toiled to get it out. The vinyl version is still forthcoming, set back by the songs on the original test pressings being in the wrong order. Still, you can get the CD effective immediately, and it sounds great. Weegs: Though not previously announced on the site because we're cyber-slow, Hungry Eye has been working with the Weegs on releasing their debut album Meat the Weegs. A Weegs page should saunter its way on the Hungry Eye site relatively soon. To show you that we're no slouches, let me just say the CD version of this record is out in mid- August. The LP version will follow thereafter. The band will embark on a West Coast tour in mid September. Details will be posted as they become available.   Missing Foundation: Pete Missing is back in the NYC, at least for the next few months. He has a resident DJ slot at the Apocalypse Lounge on 3 rd Street between Avenues A and B on Sunday nights. Check the website to see when he'll be performing. On our end, we've finished digitizing a virtual archive of MF tapes, and are now beginning to assemble the artwork for the re-issue of the 1933 album. Mika Miko: Hungry Eye also began wheeling and dealing with LA band Mika Miko. Their 7" just came out on an LA based label, but Hungry Eye will be doing their next EP and subsequent full length. More details to follow... Vanishing: The Vanishing tore through the United States on a recent tour and made a pit stop in New York for a few days playing some shows. They were all excellent, and Hungry Eye is currently working with the band to release an EP of remixes. This will probably happen sometime after the Vanishing take residence in Berlin in late August '04. Phantom Limbs: The powerful vessel that is the Phantom Limbs are heading for the troubled waters known as Europe. The tour will take place in October. Check their web site ( for more details.

[4/9/04] The Sixteens page is now up. See below for New York-area shows this month.[4/8/04] Sixteens: Hungry Eye is pleased to announce that we are releasing an EP by San Francisco band Sixteens. Close acquaintances of Hungry Eye alumni the Vanishing and the Phantom Limbs, Sixteens will be releasing a four song EP entitled "Fendi" on Hungry Eye in just a few weeks. For more information, check out the band's own site or check out the Sixteens' page on the Hungry Eye site.
The band will also be touring the East Coast and surrounding regions in
promotion of this record. Those of you native to NYC, we urge you to check out the following shows, one of which is brought to you by Hungry Eye:

Thursday, April 15, 2004 @ Sin-e; 8pm; $8
150 Attorney Street @ Stanton (212.388.0077) Sixteens with Maxigei & Playcolt, Chauncy, and AlmedaSunday April 18, 2004 @ Galapagos Art Space; 9:30pm; $6 70 North 6th Street (between Kent and Wythe) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn;L Train to Bedford Ave Stop (718.782.5188)
Hungry Eye Records presents Sixteens with Services (formerly known as Flux Information Sciences)Monday, April 19, 2004 @ CB's Gallery; 313 Bowery Appearing at Alchemy Sixteens with the Flying Buttresses

Missing Foundation: Hungry Eye has been in contact with Chris Egan who dug up some great footage of the band for the DVD accompanying Hungry Eye's reissue of the classic 1933 album. In the meantime, Hungry Eye now has stickers with the infamous MF logo on them available to the public. If you would like a handful, simply send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Hungry Eye Records; PO Box 20403; Tompkins Square
Station; NY, NY 10009
. Of course, Hungry Eye has to let you know not to post these stickers on public or private property, but we know no one would think of doing such a thing with a Missing Foundation logo! :)
Witnesses: We are proud to announce that the Witnesses signed to newly formed NYC based label Howler Records for the release of their full length sometime in the fall. If you've caught the band live at all recently, you know this record will be great. Be sure to pick up their "We're Taking Over" 12" EP on Hungry Eye while you can, because they will likely blow up with the release of this record.

The February 27th show with the Witnesses, the Go, and Bad Wizard was a blast at the Continental. Some last minute changes and confusions (show was moved from CBGB's and the Capitol Years did not play) did not affect the good time. We are now doing a show at Galapagos in Brooklyn as well. Be sure to see more Hungry Eye sponsered shows in the future, so check back to the web site periodically!


The Hungry Eye site continues to build. You can now find fully updated pages for the Vanishing and Missing Foundation. Sixteens, Urban Waste, and Phantom Limbs pages are soon to follow. Quite soon we will have a web store to satisfy all your online buying needs. Be sure to check back periodically.[1/14/04] Missing Foundation: Progress is continuing on the re-issue of the "1933" album. We worked on a commentary piece done by Pete Missing to accompany footage from the 1988 CBS news report "Cult of Rage", wherein Pete gets to respond to some of the outrageous claims made about the band by this slanderous piece of investigative reporting. We are also looking into some interesting packaging options for the CD/ DVD.
the Witnesses: The Witnesses have been busy playing shows in the New
York area and have even traveled out to LA to escape the harsh NY weather and play some shows in a fairer climate. They are set to record a full length follow up to the "We're Taking Over" EP on Hungry Eye Records soon, on a yet unnamed label.Be sure to check out the Hungry Eye sponsored show at CBGB's tha band will be playing on Friday, February 27th along with the Go (from Detroit), Bad Wizard, the Capitol Years, and Cheeseburger. More detailed information will follow, closer to the show date.
the Vanishing: The band have returned from an exciting and very successful European tour. The split 7" with the Phantom Limbs was received very well. They have a slew of upcoming shows in California. Consult their website at for more information. [10/23/03] The Witnesses' We're Taking Over 12" is out, and if you live in New York City, we suggest tracking a copy down at Kim's Underground on St Mark's Place or at Other Music on 4th Street at Lafayette Street. Pick yours up soon because this release is limited and we don't expect these to stick around for very long. The band is playing a whole bunch of NYC shows in the next months, so check out their web site for dates:

The artwork and music for the Vanishing/Phantom Limbs split 7" is at their respective factories and will be available accordingly. Expect it out by the end of October. Hopefully you were lucky enough to catch either of these bands on their recent US tours (the Phantom Limbs tour is still on at the time this is going up, so check their website: for dates). The Vanishing will be touring Europe in the coming months, opening for Hanin Elias for a number of dates.

The Missing Foundation 1933 re-issue is nearing completion. Pete Missing recently joined us in New York City and was a big help in assembling the material for this release. The way it looks now, this MF 1933 respective will include the classic 1933 album from '88 with bonus tracks: live tracks from the late 80's and early 90's, the 2003 released "Nature Revolt" album by Pete Missing and DJ Hazard, and a bonus DVD that will include numerous long lost MF videos, and live and practice footage. We are currently looking into ways of using material from the slanderous news program CBS news featured on the band, titled "Cult of Rage". This aim is to have this release out by the close of 2003.
More updates to follow soon.[9/13/03] Much has been brewing at Hungry Eye's headquarters the past few months, despite the conspicuous absence of a detailed web site. Rest assured, this is in the process of changing, and you will soon be able to satisfy all your Hungry Eye related curiousities right in this reclusive corner of cyberspace. We are expanding this site beyond its current confines and will update it regularly. New York City's notorious Witnesses have just release as 12" EP of brand new material on Hungry Eye, which occurred very much on the fly. The masters were delivered to the plant just an hour after they were finished in the studio, and the records were cut and pressed a day later. Part of this rush was motivated by the band's 9/ 03 tour UK tour with media darling Har Mar Superstar. If you are one of the lucky ones who picked up one of the first 300 copies with stamped labels, you just got your hands on a tour version.

The split 7" between the Vanishing and the Phantom Limbs is going to press as you read this. Expect it out in early to mid October-- hopefully in time for the Phantom Limbs' US tour. It will miss coming out in time for the Vanishing's September '03 US tour.We are still plodding along on the Missing Foundation- 1933 re-issue, and are currently looking into the possibility of restoring some live footage for a possible bonus. Pete Missing himself might be able to make it to out to help co-produce the re-issue in the coming weeks.