THE WEEGS are 2 guys and 2 girls making music since the year of 2001. A Space Odyssey ...not really, but an odyssey nonetheless. Many people have asked us what exactly a weeg is. Well from our collected data - weegs are: a rugby team, a transracial-adopting family, part of alien-wrestling mythology, a method of performing cunnilingus, and a creature one might find in one's pants. In other words we are hard-hitting-cross-genre-bizarro-acting-sexy-tarantesque-motherfuckers from San Francisco/Oakland. Oh and some times we have gorillas and hula-hoopers come to our shows.

Though spawned from the same foggy plot of land that begat their friends The Phantom Limbs, Sixteens, The Vanishing, and Spector Protector,The Weegs sound comes from a place more reminiscent of their birthing place. The Bay Area fog casts its shadow over the mood of their music, yet their darkness is not the somber earnestness that might color the music of their contemporaries. Instead, the Weegs inhabit that eerie space at the carnival between the freakshow and the midway. Their darkness is the gray that falls in the recesses between the tents at twilight. You can almost hear the laughter of the carnies as they wander off to get drunk after the whining children and horny teenagers go home in between the bursts of feedback on the Weeg's debut album Meat the Weegs, out now on Hungry Eye Records.

Sideshow metaphors aside, The Weegs have often been slapped with the “no-wave” label. Their jarring dissonance aside, the Weegs don't need an arty, New York point of reference in order to justify their relentless and jerky rhythms. The juxtaposition of electro timbres and rock n roll riffs finds a nice Californian precedent in bands like Minimal Man, Factrix, or Nervous Gender. The noir-ishly vaudevillian humor is a contribution of their own and plants their carnival firmly in the present.



Weegs - Million Sounds of Black album

The Million Sounds of Black

On The Million Sounds of Black, the Weegs return to Hungry Eye with a second full length of tripped out distorto-skronk. They take their craggly claw, latch onto early American punk/ post-punk and California �no wave�, and drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Now even more entrenched in a crypto- sarcastic anonymity, their disjointedly pulsing rhythm throbs along with hypnotic bursts of feedback and noise that would do Arto Lindsay proud. This art-damaged racket is still uncannily musical, like some freak-beat psych band gone horribly wrong. LP version is limited to 600 copies and comes with a CD that features a 40 minute bonus track


The Weegs - The Million Sounds of Black


Meat The Weegs album

Meat The Weegs

Surrounded by the aura of a carnival freak show from hell, electronic timbres and rock and roll riffs join forces to produce The Weegs' eerie sound. Earnest burst of screams driven by relentless rhythms put on the finishing touches to this creepy and rousing record.


The Weegs - Meat the Weegs


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For debut album Meat the Weegs

Veiled beneath their catchy synth-punk slivers lies an illuminating tapestry of fiendish fun. Nothing is more bizarre than interweaving fraught yelping with a low-fidelity sound screen, while setting it to an abruptly deranged dance beat. This record provokes images of being wide-eyed and hopped up on crank, desperately clutching at your face, and furiously teetering on a highwire in stilettos, as you maniacally laugh through gritted teeth.
Agouti Music (US)

There is no denying that the music contained within is really good. From the first attacking notes of "Intro For Real" you know the rest is going to be good. Sometimes you "know" that and are disappointed, but this album stays great all throughout. The vocals that come in with the second track "Loaves" only sweeten the deal falling somewhere between THE MAKE-UP and MUDHONEY but not really sounding inspired by either. THIS is the kind of band I love to promote the most in No-Fi "Magazine" or play on No-Fi "Radio". The kind of band that really needs to be heard despite what the record industry allows you to hear. I guess a simple way of putting it is to say that this band is punk rock new wave. You want to scream along with the singer and jump around to the music, perhaps waving your arms around recklessly knocking off all the drinks from the bar.
No Fi Music Magazine, Issue 49 (US)

Das Debut von The Weegs aus San Francisco drehen das No-Wave Rad wieder um ein krasses und gross-d�steres St�ck weiter. Von rollendem No-Rock bis Killing Joke artigen Doom-fl�chen auf den Psycho-expressionistischen Punkt eines seelisch krank br�llenden S�ngers.
From Dorfdisco (Berlin, Germany)

Blending wave, both no- and new-, with the performance art aesthetic of prime Residents, the Weegs do a fantastic job integrating all their influences into a unique sonic identity. Meat The Weegs even has a synthpunk slant at times, though keys are almost always utilized here as an auxiliary voice. Translation: if you examine these grooves close enough, there's plenty here for everybody, and that depth of texture makes this music worthy of many repeat listens. It all adds up to being a sound very decidedly the Weegs.
Uncle Dan´s House of Smut (US)

This is a beautifully strange album from this Bay Area band, and it fits right in with the rest of the Hungry Eye repertoire of early 80´s punk, damaged new wave and death-rock. The Weegs produce a spastic sound that hits all the right post-punk angles� This release sets a new standard for the Bay Area scene. Hopefully the dissonance will continue.
Liz Worth for Exclaim! Music Magazine (Canada)

The Weegs finally grace us with a full-length release. Yeah you can definitely place them in darkwavepunk scene, though this release reminds one more of a funhouse at an abandoned carnival, where folks like the Screamers had set up the d�cor and all the faces in the mirrors are distorted. Very tasty indeed.
Shredding Paper (US)
July 2005 issue

As its faux-Yesterday And Today butcher shop inner sleeve hints, the Bay Area�s Weegs are hacking the past to bits. Channeling Nick Cave�s goth-punk Birthday Party, Weegs� choppy Return Of The Living Dead-like no wave contains enough creepy calliope music to set Cave�s �Carny� toes aflutter. Weegs tread similar spooky ground as fellow Golden Gate scene starters Subtonix, Vanishing and the Genesis P-Orridge approved Sixteens, but the quartet�s glass-gargling vocals and guitar-dominated discordance leave far more lacerations than its contemporaries.
CMJ Music monthly

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