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The Vanishing: With core members Brian Hock and Jessie Evans, The Vanishing started from the ashes of bands like the Knives and the Subtonix. Their debut 10" EP In the Bat Haus on Cochon Records made them local favorites in their native San Francisco. Their follow-up full-length on GSL Records garnished them critical acclaim on the independent music scene and made them front runners in the deathrock scene across the USA. A trans-atlantic tour starting fall 2003 brought their intense, frenetic live shows across the country to the East Coast and over to Europe for the first time. Their split EP with hometown co conspirators The Phantom Limbs showcases what they've been up to since the first full length. The Vanishing then recorded the follow up album, the classic Still Lifes Are Failing with the help of keyboardist Billy Bates. The band relocated to Berlin, whereupon they broke up. After that, Jessie played in Autonervous with Malaria!'s Bettina Koster, and currently performs with Toby Dammit. Brian Hock is currently working on Zonetech and C.L.A.W.S., while Billy Bates plays in Zonetech and performs as Mr. Saturday.



The Vanishing/The Phantom Limbs split 7

The Vanishing/The Phantom Limbs split 7"

Two bands at the forefront of San Francisco's deathrock carnival split a single on the eve of both band's globe trotting tours conjuring the specter of dance floor excess. The Vanishing, who've got a full length on GSL churn out a dark brand of pulsing, synth driven madness. The Phantom Limbs, whose second LP for Alternative Tentacles was just released, serve us their own foreboding tune.

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  • Video for Lovesick by Michelle Armstrong and Scott F Moffett

  • Video for Still Lifes Are Failing


Article on The Vanishing from the Orange County Weekly:
The Vanishing should be from Berlin, not San Francisco. Their In the Bat Haus EP on SF indie Cochon is tied up tight in the grim chiaroscuro of German Expressionism, all woozy black-and-white shots that look like they were swept off Fritz Lang’s cutting-room floor...

Article from the Sentimentalist
Interview from Deathrock.Com:
San Francisco's The Vanishing are one of the most unique bands to have carved a groove in the surface of modern deathrock.

The Vanishing interview by Lio of Cashin In