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Formed in the Winter of 2004, Saros is a strong force within the Bay Area Metal scene having gained notoriety for their distinct sound and live delivery. Forging together elements of death, thrash, doom and black metal with a strong melodic sensibility rooted in metal classics such as Sabbath or Maiden, the Saros sound reflects the diversity of the band itself and the different voices that shape it.

Saros weaves together real life experience with its reflection in the world of dreams to conjure a powerful yet bleak and tragic soundscape of isolation, madness, power and corruption. The band is also driven by a creative tension that finds its clearest expression in the dueling lead-work of Ben Aguilar and Leila Abdul-Rauf. Maintaining a balance between force and grace, the solos are often as much a narrative as the lyrical content. This juxtaposition of force and form is audible on every track of Five Pointed Tongue, the band’s first full length released on Hungry Eye records in 2006. Beneath it all, the thunderous rhythm section of Tim Scammell on bass and drummer Blood Eagle maintain the heart and pulse of the Saros sound.

Affiliations, side projects: Currently Leila Abdul-Rauf is a full time member of Amber Asylum, Bastard Noise and Ion Channel. Blood Eagle is also in the Bay Area power-metal band Embers of Euphoria and can be heard on the album “Dead as Dreams” by US Black Metal-ers Weakling



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Saros Five Pointed Tongue CD

The story of Saros begins with two Bay Area natives meeting up with two east coast transplants. Armed with mutual backgrounds in punk, affinities to metal, and an interest in pushing boundaries, they took off with a running start. On the strength of an unreleased demo and the repuation of their live shows alone, they quickly gained a word of mouth following that drew interest from Slayer and High on Fire members. With a point of departure that builds on a rich tradition of Bay Area thrash, they inject atmospheric instrumentation and a punishing rhythm section that drive a hynoptic beat home with a precision that rivals their obvious krautrock and prog influences.

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Saros - Five Pointed Tongue


MP3 Samples
  • Saros performing F-Sub Zero at Annie's Social Club San Francisco
  • Excerpt of Saros performing the unreleased the Sky Will End Soon


  • "Saros, featuring the (amazing, need we say?) drummer from the legendary Weakling, is one of San Francisco's up and coming heavy metal outfits, playing a blend of thrash, black and speed metal that takes no prisoners live (and now, on record). Saros are all about old school rippage mixed with weird black metal epic experimentation... On their debut full-length Five Pointed Tongue you get a fierce lesson in modern metal melding, the band both galloping and trudging (depending) through five fairly long tracks (43 minutes total) that mix up blackened rasps, clean vocal melodies, some acoustic guitar, prog-rock song structures, widdly solos, and plenty of traditional Bay Area 'banging. No matter the twists and turns, in one of Saros' songs you're never far from a blast of icy riffage. And quite a beating when it comes to the drums! Requisite obscure metal nerd reference: I wonder if these guys are at all familiar with French Canadian tech metallers Obliveon? I think they'd like them." - Aquarius Records, SF
  • "So here it is, a release that I have been anticipating for many months... This has been a very solid release for a band that experiments with different elements of metal. Many bands who attempt this many directions usually slip up and make one or two horrid tracks that should have never even been attempted. Everything here was beautifully written." - Heathen Harvest
  • "They have concocted one hell of a sound that pulls influences from various forms of metal; thrash, black, older death metal. Even some progressive rock moments come into play in certain sections. The band have obviously put in the time on their respective instruments before crafting this wonderfully epic 5 song album because these guys fucking shred."-
  • Saros' Five Pointed Tongue is a five-song crusher of tight, jaw-busting metal. There are dark, witchy acoustic-guitar breakdowns, shredding speed riffs, jittery dissonance, but mostly it's just heavy, flawless brutality.- The Portland Mercury
  • "Technically, Saros cannot play Viking metal because they are from San Francisco. That doesn’t stop them from using that style of music as a huge influence. Epic songwriting is in abundance with Five Pointed Tounge. The record is five tracks but three of them clock in at roughly over ten minutes. The guitars are layered as thick as a new snow, or in the case of the bands hometown a rolling fog. In a sense Saros is spiritual, not religious, and seems to like to sing about nature. Speaking of nature the entire record has a natural progressive flow to it changing from mid-paced to speedy but not blazing. The groove and style of it all is all very well done making for a mellow soothing yet heavy metal masterpiece. Even the growled/screamed vocals don’t scream chaos, with Saros it is much more controlled than many bands playing the same genre." – SLUG Mag
  • "Hailing from what could be considered the cradle of U.S. metal, the young quartet of Saros has here released quite the impressive debut EP, deftly combining elements of technical thrash and progressive death and black metal into a tight, concise forty-five minute unique listening experience. Though the production is decidedly lacking, the strength of the compositions shine through to reveal glimpses of what could become a band to be reckoned with in the near future. The twisting album opener, “In Arctic Exile,” and “F Sub Zero” deliver a diverse precision speed attack, while the remaining tracks display a much slower, deliberate approach with mid-paced, chunky riffs and some acoustic accompaniment. The clean vocals that crop up every now and then amidst the raspy shrieks are definitely a little weak, but they are used sparsely and don’t distract too heavily from the rest of the music. This is one of the most promising debut releases of the past year, so be sure to pick it up." - Void Expression