The assent began in the year 2000, at a seedy club in Los Angeles called the Parlour, later known as the post-punk and darkwave cave of LA.

Matt Sims began startling audiences with his unusually provocative performances which were equal amounts political satire , surreal imagery and sensual debauch. With 3 dancers (à la The Fall), this performance group explored the contemporary connections between media, consumerism, sex, and entertainment. Gaining comparisons from artist Paul McCarthy’s food work to James Brown’s hip work, this show caused enough of a stir to get the attention of DJ Hell who quickly signed them to his International DJ Gigolo Records label alongside the likes of Tuxedo Moon, Terence Fixmer, CROSSOVER, Vitalic and Linda Lamb. The release of Mount Sims’s first album Ultrasex on Emperor Norton records, now a cultclassic electro-pop album, put Sims on the map internationally with the hit song Hate Fuck.

In 2004, the follow up LP Wild Light was released. This album, with such songs as No Yellow Lines and Urgent Not Urgent, introduced a darker side of Mount Sims. Collaborating with artists David J. of Bauhaus, Roger Manning Jr. (Beck), Echo Angelica Danon (So Does the Fire/ E.V.R.) and visual artist Elad Lassery, Wild Light was a landscape of made from themes which touched on the darker side of human nature: Obsession, isolation, horror and madness were to become a noted themes in Sims’s lyrical arsenal. Musically both noisy and melodic, Wild Light became the mark of a definite a departure form purely electronic music and from all which previous fans considered to be pleasant, to a very particular style of music influenced by post-punk and the LA underground.

After touring extensively throughout Europe as a 3 piece band (as opposed to a performance art piece as was the case with Ultrasex) Sims decided on breaking the band up and relocating to Berlin, Germany. It is here that Matt began working on the 3rd release, Happily Ever After. This new album is an even further departure from electronic dance music and is creepier and more aggressive in its content than any other Mount Sims album.

With Randy Twigg on bass, Andre Lange on drums, Thomas Stern of Crime and the City Solution mixing and providing additional production (as well as additional production from Jackson and his computer band), Mount Sims has become Mt. Sims and what, as a collective, it has always meant to be.

When you find yourself here, there is no way to get down from this mountain alive!


EYE17 Happily Ever After

happily ever after

Mt. Sims returns to form after relocating from LA to Berlin with his eagerly anticipated third full length. Now with a new moniker-- "Mt. Sims" replacing "Mount Sims"-- and a full band with Randy Twigg and Andr'e Lange, Mt. Sims drops 12 new songs that bristle with nervous energy. Merging his signature electronic style with stark post-punk textures as first unveiled on his second album Wild Light, Happily Ever After's songs showcase the new band's versatility. From the cabaret rave-up of "Playing for Keeps" to the melodramatic dirge of "Love's Revenge" and the raging death-disco of "the Bitten Bite Back", the band is flanked by guest appearances of Jessie Evans (Vanishing/ Autonervous) and Toby Dammit (Swans, Iggy Pop). To the delight of his followers, Mt. Sims strays far from the formula of "How We Do", as proved by the earlier release of a single for "Grave" on 12" format. Crisp production work done by Thomas Stern of Crime and the City Solution ensures that Happily Ever After is a future classic on par with the work of fellow travelers and collaborators ADULT., the Hacker, Vitalic, or Ladytron.

EYE15 A Grave 12" EP

A Grave EP

We are very proud to welcome the band/ art collective Mt Sims to the Hungry Eye stable, fronted by Matt Sims. Already quite a name in his own right, Matt Sims has two albums under his belt on DJ Hell's International DJ Gigolo label as Mount Sims, the first of which, "UltraSex", saw an American release via Emperor Norton, and was supported through a North American tour with Ladytron. He's also known for his collaborations with the Hacker, David J of Bauhaus and CROSSOVER. The past year and a half has seen Matt relocate from LA to Berlin and and establish a new chapter in the Mount Sims legacy, rebuilding the band with Berlin musicians Randy Twigg and Andre Lange and working with producer Thomas Stern of the legendary Crime and the City Solution. "A Grave" 12" EP is the first offering of these new tracks and will be available as a limited 12" EP on clear vinyl with stunning artwork by Peter Wu (one time pressing of 1,000 worldwide) and pushes the band even farther into the creepier and more aggressive territory he's veered into, with a concoction of electronic music and stark post-punk he's become respected for. Included is "Grave," a single off the upcoming album "Happily Ever After," and 3 exclusive tracks.

Mount Sims - A Grave - EP

$8.50 ppd in the US

Wild Light

Mount Sims Wild Light

The stunning second album by Mount Sims released in 2005 saw a stylistic departure from his previous work. Teaming up with David J of Bauhaus/ Love and Rockets fame, Sims offers a much darker and obsessive vision in Wild Light. More challenging than his previous efforts, Wild Light solidified his fans, eager to hear Matt push his music in new directions, and silenced many of his detractors, putting forth a convincing statement illustrating that he would outlive the electroclash years. Buy it from:; Amazon

For digital download:Mount Sims - Wild Light


Mount Sims Ultrasex

Mount Sims debut Ultrasex opened with the dance-floor classic "How We Do" and propelled Matt's Mount Sims project into the spotlight. Campy and catchy, yet unmistakeably well-crafted Ultrasex is considered by many to be a synthpop classic. Buy it from: Amazon

For digital download:Mount Sims - UltraSex



Reviews for A Grave EP

  • "Somewhere on the musical map between beauty and chaos.... a darkly melodic hybrid of electronic music and post-punk textures." ReGen magazine
  • "A lot of bands like to think they sound like Depeche Mode in their prime. Matt Sims (the man behind the Mt.) actually does and, yes, that is a good thing."the Guardian (UK)'s music blog
  • "Grasping to the tracks "Grave" and "Unwound". I think these two are really going to take it home." Electrocore
  • "This work is really a must. Seductive and promising, as an example of reconstruction from a set of genres that is considered dead. Mt Sims is able to bring that quote of 80’s angst and apathy and combining it with the relentless power of the apocalyptic beat we actually live into. Totally recommended." Heathen Harvest

Previous reviews

  • "Most of the tracks burn along for a few minutes gradually building in strength and mood, and eventually blistering into a grand finale that might be dissonantly similar to watching a tragic automobile accident in slow motion." - for
  • "His 2002 debut album ‘Ultra Sex’ was an attempt to outline the medium of musical/visual art, trying to create something that demolished the line between visual and audio. "- Herald Sun Hit
  • "Teaming up with legendary Bauhaus/Love and Rockets player and Los Angeles fixture David J assures that Sims' credibility, as well as gothic-tinged-electro-sound is compelling, while his work with Air/Beck producer on lead single "Restless" is a darkwave epic ripe for 2005 dancefloors" - All music guide
  • It's a post-punk, new-wave, rock-tinged effort that's bathed in doom n' gloom.- ink 19