Missing Foundation came from the Lower East Side of New York City, but was founded by Pete Missing in Hamburg in 1984. This line up contained two members of KMFDFM and Florian Langmaack. Three drummers were added and an early performance at the KIR ended in damage to the speaker system. Soon the band disbanded and Pete moved back to the Lower East Side. The band was reformed with Chris Egan, Pete Missing, Mark Ashwill and VKP. Though misunderstood from day one, and in spite of numerous obstacles and struggles, the band nevertheless managed to change the sound waves of New York. The band finally broke the space between industrial music and rock 'n roll when they burned the stage at CBGB's, the rock 'n roll capital.


EYE05 Missing Foundation- 1933 Your House is Mine: the reissue CD/ DVD


Originally released in 1988, and heralding the troubling formulation "1988=1933", MF's monumental 1933 stands as one of New York City's most controversial and infamous records. An agit-prop collective of Lower East Side musicians, artists, and political agitators unleash a violent barrage of noise worthy of standing alongside the most canonical industrial acts, whose intense live shows, elusive records, and extensive graffiti campaign which disseminated a hostile, forewarning, and almost iconic band logo, encountered a violent onslaught of counter-insurgence in the form of police raids, FBI stalking, and even a slanderous, three part investigative report on prime time news. Find out what "they" were so afraid of...

The CD re-issue of 1933 includes rare live Missing Foundation tracks, a portion of Pete Missing's 2002 release "Nature Revolt" and a bonus DVD including rare MF videos, never before seen live & practice footage, and Pete Missing's personal response to CBS News' 1988 report "Cult of Rage".


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  • Trailer for DVD accompanying 1933 reissue on Hungry Eye Records. By Ray Parada of the Mad Parade


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