The Holy Kiss is on a mission to die gracefully. After two albums and a string of EPs, their forthcoming LP "Under Noon of Night" will be their final full-length release. Mourn them by celebrating their first, last and only tour of Europe! A cacophonous jaunt with deathrock! A whirlwind of percussive post-punk! Come ride a wave of noise with Matty, Nick, Alli and Panther as they pass from this band to (possibly) others.

Matty and Nick started The Holy Kiss in their shared apartment, writing songs full of imagery from San Francisco's Tenderloin district that eventually appeared on the CD "The Sacred Heart of Eddy and Jones", with Dawn Hillis on bass guitar. Starting in 2003, they began recording with Scott Brown of the infamous (and now regretfully defunct) Phantom Limbs, a sonic relationship that has continued to this day. A string of 7" EPs, "Rising" (GSL Records) and "Back to Colma" (Release the Bats), evoked comparisons to The Gun Club and early Cramps, and also, in the records' more subdued moments, to The Black Heart Procesion. The subsequent full-length, "Shot Love on a Back Line" was called a "...volitile gathering of cheap red wine, vampire novellas and Birthday Party records."

Somewhere in 2005, it is unclear when, multi-instrumentalist Alli Pheteplace began playing guitar with The Holy Kiss, also filling in for Nick on drums when he played piano. Then, when Dawn left the band in early 2006 and Panther MacDonald took over on bass, Matty gave up the guitar entirely at live shows and a whole new band was born. At once tighter and more raw, the new sound showcased Matty's natural frontman abilities and Alli's lightning-quick guitar hands.

Recorded in late 2007, "Under Noon of Night" will be released on Hungry Eye Records in early 2009. Included with vinyl will be an enhanced CD version of the album featuring a bonus video for the album's title track. The LP is limited to 500 copies. The covers will feature artwork by Chris Conn Askew and will all be hand silk-screened by the band. So come one, come all, to witness to final European demise of The Holy Kiss! See the vinyl LP entitled "Under Noon of Night"! See the ferocious drumming of Nick Ott, the twisted mustache of Panther MacDonald! The blood-curdling screams of Matty Rue, the jagged riffs of one Allison Pheteplace! You will not be disappointed.


EYE18 the Holy Kiss- Under the Noon of Night

the Holy Kiss - Under Noon of Night LP

The Holy Kiss return to Hungry Eye with their 3rd full length, and first one with the new line up that includes Panther on bass and multi-instrumentalist Alli (formerly of the Cold War) on guitar. Singer Matty is now freed from guitar for an even more unrestrained vocal delivery with his distinctive wail. Top notch, grimy blues-influenced rock 'n roll that you've come to expect from these Bay Area veterans of 8 years. Throughout the course of their career, they've drawn comparisons to some of the old guard of Australian post-punk/ rock (These Immortal Souls, Crime and the City Solution), punk-y roots rock like the Gun Club, or more contemporary names like 16 Horsepower and Black Heart Procession, but fans of the band are more likely to know them for their raucous live-shows. Under Noon of Night catches the Holy Kiss at the top of their musical game. This LP is limited to 500 copies with a silk screened cover and collaboratively released through Hungry Eye Records and the band directly.

$12 US/ Can

Due out March '09. Pre-order today!

EYE12 the Holy Kiss- s/t

Eerie Tenderloin-blues with a drunken swagger, lazy rhythms and drawling vocals. The Holy Kiss would not have become the bug in the ear they've managed to develop into if they were just served up a predictable mix of neo-blue garage rock; they are a far cry from the current set of indie rockers appealing to the Lomax recordings for credibility. They have their own sound of unease - eruptions of melancholic fury and noir-ish slide guitar ferocity; t's an intoxication of ansinthe rather than whiskey. They evoke an uncanny and confused imagery, like a soundtrack to a David Lynch movie, and make for appropriate companions to bands like the Bellmer Dolls and Lion Fever. This release captures their rare, out of print, and hard-to-find early recordings, most available on CD for the first time.

The Holy Kiss - The Holy Kiss

Shot Love on a Back Line

The long awaited second album of San Francisco's the Holy Kiss. It's not on Hungry Eye (was put out by our good friends at Release the Bats in Sweden), but it's so good, it makes us wish it was! So, we made sure to get our hands on a lot of copies and are distributing it as well, especially for those that would have a hard time obtaining it in the United States. Dramatically staggering post-punk blues with haunting melodies and a ferocious swagger. Beautiful artwork done by Adam Beck of Death of a Party/ Red Voice Choir fame.



  • "San Francisco's The Holy Kiss walks similar paths as Sixteen Horsepower, the Gun Club, and the Bad Seeds; a bluesy, raw, country-thick stomp with the fire and passion of a post-punk outfit in their prime."- Systems of Romance blog
  • "Wrap your lips around this tenderly tainted post punk cocktail with a hemlock o’ gruesome goth cabaret & macabre touch o’ the blues. Morgue’s inky black bittersweet stories hint towards death & the afterlife as much as lovelorn bleeding heart woes & spooky sorrows plaguing humanity." KFJC review
  • "Considering their funereal garb and dark preoccupations, THE HOLY KISS seem to have a lightness of spirit and devil-may-sorta-care sense of humor that belies their collective age of 87 (they're all between 25 and 35) and some fearsome, cacophonous blues-rock performances, shows that draw Nick Cave and Crime and the City Solution comparisons and have turned clubs like Rickshaw Stop into slightly spooked, rocked-out sock hops.
    (Matty Rue Morgue) The Holy Kiss vocalist has written most of the band's songs, filtering ealy blues through 'crystals or whatever', he drawls. 'Just to fuck with it a little bit.
    Bay area threesome The Holy Kiss mix up a musical potion of young (fleeting) love, old blues, goth drama, and dark thoughts."
    Kimberly Chun, S.F. Guardian
  • "Bay Areans the Holy Kiss began on a dissonant indie note and transformed slowly into the bastard child of the Birthday Party and Black Heart Procession. No complaints: While front man Matty Rue Morgue (possibly not his real name) lacks Nick Cave's icy moan, he possesses a similar lyrical knack — a simple line like And if I had my way/I'd have my way with her, juxtaposed against the group's aggressive sound, came off as a poignant moment amid chaos. Another Holy Kiss highlight was drummer Nick Ott (probably his real name), looming like a giant over an elfin drum kit while assaulting the skins feverishly enough to risk spontaneous combustion."
    Tatiana Simonian, L.A. Weekly
  • "The Holy Kiss's Matty Rue Morgue channels the grit and grace of Tom Waits through the body of a modern-day Lestat."
    John Lombardo, S.F. Bay Guardian

  • "San Francisco trio the Holy Kiss makes a dark and sweetly discordant murder-ballad-inspired racket that's perfect for conjuring the limbo-treading spirits of the cheats, crazies, drunks and other societal castaways the band likes to sing about in its shadowy, Dickensian ditties."
    Bill Picture, San Francisco Chronicle
  • "It's hard not to notice a band with a name like the Holy Kiss. The moniker is taken from scripture that describes greetings between snake-handling priests. Appropriately, the band dishes out gothic punk sermons, and blues-amped rock... Frontman Matty Rue Morgue yowls in a good imitation of Nick Cave's despondence, which contrasts with the group's theatrical high-octane bash. They're loud, chaotic, and rarely anything less than spectacular on stage."
    (NVB) of Flavorpill SF
  • The Holy Kiss take the Oscar here, for a performance that combined the honesty and rawness of the blues with the complexity and restraint of indie rock."
    West Coast Performer Magazine