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AntiQuark has been releasing albums and performing in the USA and Europe since 2001.

This project was created in California by Ant Dakini, an Italian keyboardist and sound-engineer. She is the composer and producer of AntiQuark music. Sergio, the voice, joined the project in 2006. He formally studied singing at the University of Texas and garnered extensive experience performing with a variety of bands. He also worked as a radio-DJ and sound-engineer before moving to California.

AntiQuark loves to make the audience dance basing its core sound around the electronic and techno arena. They then lift this base with their own experimental musings and twist the result into a more avant-garde “sonorità.”

AntiQuark has shared the stage with such acts as: Orgy, Pigface-Project 44, Le Tigre, Godhead, Bettina Koster-Malaria-Autonervous, The Last Dance, Kiew, the Vanishing, the Sixteens, Society 1, Kill Me Tomorrow, Tribe 8, Black Ice, The Phantom Limbs and many more.




AntiQuark- Skydancer

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  • AntiQuark video for Shameless
  • Antiquark live in San Diego; March 21, 2008


Praise for debut album Mask

San Diego's AntiQuark manage to convince the listener to re-think whatever ideas they might have about contemporary, experimental dance music. Fronted by deconstructionist diva Maren (also of the Peppermints, described elsewhere as the ‘love child of Mark E. Smith and Nina Hagen’) with music by Ant (formerly of Italian hardcore band Hex), AntiQuark come off as something of a female Cabaret Voltaire. The songs move through droning, propulsive textures of electro programming, accented with the occasional, mucky wall of filtered guitars (Whitecane, Drama Control) or tumbling clunk of electronic percussion pads (Nuklear Suicide). There's little, if any, reliance on traditional pop structures. Ant seems more focused on conjuring cold, mechanical moods to support Maren's fractured, science-fiction vignettes. One can imagine the pieces being conceived of and built in a dark apartment filled with static tuned televisions all going 24 hours a day. It recalls the best of Gary Numan's early work with Tubeway Army, DAF, Skinny Puppy and Wire in their later more electronic phase. It could be the soundtrack for a yet to be made movie that lands somewhere between Blade Runner and Liquid Sky.